About Us

Our project “FUNctional inclusion training for everyone ” /FIT.EU/ is a small collaborative partnership that allows a group of three organization from Bulgaria (Probudnik Association), Croatia (BK Pannonian) and Slovenia (MTB Klub Kranj) to collaborate in the establishment of a transnational network aiming to create, test  and  implement an innovative set of tools combining sport training with non-formal education and skills acquisition towards a sustainable, open and respectful grassroot-sport environment.  

Sport is an outstanding tool that has the power to create meaningful values, to contribute to the personal development and professional realization of each the practical sports activities.

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Sport is an accessible tool for acquiring different skills and competencies that influence young people's attitudes and behavior by making them more responsible and adaptable to the environment in which they live and work and to society. However, in order to increase the potential of sport as a tool of educating values, promoting positive behavior and building social skills, it is necessary to unite the efforts of the representatives of sport organizations. In order to promote physical activity the existence of adequate and useful educational tools is a key factor of success. Under these conditions, sport would contribute to an overcoming social bump and the transfer of values such as tolerance and empathy of the playing field in real life.
This project aims to set a standard of equality and diversity within our organizations. Each of the tools has a specific aim and as a set, they are intended to improve diversity, equality and inclusion amongst  grass-root sport organizations involved with youth from vulnerable groups.

The proposal will bring added value at EU level as for the first time our project will elaborate and disseminate a survey on the best practices and  practical cases and learning tools in the field of social inclusion in sport. How to use them as tools for promotion social incusion end equal access to sport for all.