Who We Are 

The ProBudnik Association is an organization with many years of experience in the implementation of projects and support of youth activity in various spheres of social and public life, expanding civil society and providing publicity on various current social problems. The Association is a union of people with extensive experience in the non-governmental and sport sphere in Bulgaria and abroad and a thorough knowledge of the current needs, deficits and problems of youth. Each member of the team is a youth worker from different fields - education, social assistance, children at risk, integration of non-formal education, personal and professional development and physical activity. This guarantees not only an adequate knowledge of the problems of the target groups of the project, but also the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

















BK “Pannonian” - - Is a sport club founded in 2013 in order to promote healthy and active lifestyles in society. We set our goals towards working for the development and promotion of physical culture and sport at national and international level. The club is focused on the biking and cycling sports. This one of the main clubs in Croatia. The team of the organization collaborates with local, national and international sporting, environmental and civic organizations. The association is actively involved in the development and implementation of programs and initiatives in the field of sports. In reaching our goals we are in contact with a network of international non-governmental organizations, national and local institutions responsible for the development of the sport sector.

Sport club “MTB Klub Kranj” - Is a Slovenian sports club for mountain biking, hiking, outdoor running and etc., which started activity 10 years ago. The club goal is to develop its activities in the field of people with fewer opportunities by using sport in order to improve their quality of life and to contribute to their social inclusion and physical activity at a higher level. This is one of the biggest sports clubs for outdoor sports in Slovenia. Sport club “MTB Klub Kranj” role is to federate, represent, and contribute to the development of the outdoor sports industry. MTB Klub Kranj prioritizes these objectives through four key focus areas: - economic development, - human resources, - promoting the region and participation in outdoor sports, - sustainable development. The Club is working in the field of voluntary development and social inclusion projects at the local level; in favor of overcoming youth unemployment and social exclusion at international level by implementing different non-formal activities in everyday sports training. The main objectives of the organization are based on reconciliation between the conservation of natural resources and outdoor sports as part of the European development and inclusion strategy, as an opportunity to overcome unemployment, sustainable development and improve the quality of life.